Have you ever tried reading labels of your personal or home care products? Well even if you did, chances are you will not be able to pronounce half the ingredients used not to mention the potential harm your family and loved ones are being exposed to on a daily basis. Accumulation of such chemicals over time, some of which are confirmed to be a human carcinogen, can lead to a myriad of health issues and environmental pollution. And mind you, don’t be deceived by terms like “organic” or “natural” as these products may use natural base ingredients but always end up adding chemicals like foaming agent called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate or emulsifier like PEG or Polyoxyethelyne or some derivatives there off, which are known to be irritants some of which contain dioxane which is harmful to the environment and can be a human carcinogen.

( Surfactant are responsible for the foam or lather in shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent or dish soap. Even the more natural cleaning products we find it in the market still use a process of saponification (change into saponin) by using lye or sodium hydroxide or pottasium hydroxide).

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Soapnuts are natural surfactant

Soap nuts are natural surfactant used instead of different forms of sulfates

Naturally occurring saponin found in the fruits of the Sapindus tree commonly known as Soapnut are used as a surfactant in our products.These fruits are sustainably wildcrafted and the saponin is extracted from the fruits by a simple soaking process using enzymes and microflora. No chemical or chemical process involved.

Probiotic is another factor that sets our products apart from commercial ones. We do not use harsh chemicals to KILL bad bacteria because when this is done it essentially kills ALL bacteria including the beneficial ones. On the other hand adding Effective Microorganisms or good bacteria (to the surface on which it is used on) neutralize pathogenic bacteria naturally without the need to use harmful anti-bacterial agents like Triclosan.

Benefits of Probiotic By using probiotic cleaners, we actually increase our natural defense against bad bacteria in the area where we use them and when done we pass its biodegradable benefit on to the surrounding environment.

Natural Emulsifier: Indian Laurel Leaf or Bai Mee as we refer to it in Thai is used in all our products. The active ingredient of this leaf is Mucilage Polysaccharides, and this is responsible for the gel-like thickness in our products. Basically, it works as an emulsifier which helps bind water-based and oil-based ingredients. Sodium Chloride and PEG-Polyethelyne or Polyoxyethelyne are used in commercial brands of shampoo, body wash, dish soap, and even baby products!

Shelf life-extending chemicals are yet another health hazard in cleaning products. Fermentation is the process we use to extract medicinal benefits of herbs and plants, totally eliminating the need for dangerous shelf life-extending chemical like paraben. We also use non-transparent bottles for the same purpose as it protects against sunlight and an early deterioration of products. We will soon be replacing these with biodegradable plastics. Moreover, these products are produced in small batches. It is most likely that every purchase is straight and fresh from our factory.

Fragrance: Our products are completely free from fragrance additives, whether natural or synthetics. Phthalates are chemicals added to fragrance oil to extend the strength of the fragrance for a longer period of time. Like clothes, even after rinsing in water and drying it, fragrance remains.

Sustainable Community is at the core of our effort in developing these products. We aim to create a sustainable community so there is no need for villagers to travel far to earn basic income. Be a part of our endeavour and help us increase their livelihood while at the same contribute to preserving our fragile ecosystem.

Vegan & Cruelty Free: Our products are 100% vegan and have not been tested on Animals.

If you wish to reduce your toxic exposure and care enough for the environment where these products ultimately end up in, then look no further –Conscious Living is your solution, we will help you leave a green mark on Mother Earth!

Conscious Living follows a unique and revolutionary concept, here is where we answer some of the most commonly asked questions.If you still have questions, you can click this link to read some of the most frequently asked questions or feel free to get in touch at contact@consciouslivingthailand.com or call +66 (0) 89 156 9556

All Natural, Zero Chemical Products by Conscious Living Ltd.

Probiotic has been lately promoted as a health elixir for our guts, never heard of this concept for external use, is this just a marketing gimmick?

No, this is not a marketing gimmick. The use of good bacteria in cleaning is a revolutionary concept, research on this subject is still on but we have got good feedback from our clients on the healing benefits of our products. Increasing good bacteria on the surface it is used on can help neutralize pathogenic bacteria without the use of harsh conventional anti-bacteria chemicals like Tricolsan.

Even the so called “organic” or “natural” products in the market use some chemcials as surfactant, emulsifier or preservatives – how do you claim to be zero chemical?

We stand by our claim that our products are 100% free from chemicals and produced in the most sustainable manner. There are natural alternatives to all the chemicals used today, as was used before the industrial revolution.

  • Naturally occurring saponin found in soapnuts are used as surfactant in our entire product range
  • Indian Laurel Leaf work as an emulsifier. Active ingredient of this leaf is Mucilage Polysaccharides, and this is responsible for the thick consistency of our products as opposed to the use of Sodium Chloride and PEG-Polyethelyne or Polyoxyethelyne in commercial brands.
  • Extractions of medicinal properties of plants and herbs are fermented with EM, eliminating the need for shelf life extension chemical preservatives like Paraben.
  • Pineappple and citrus fruits possess anti-oxidant enzymes that function as a natural degreaser and deodorizer. Their natural medicinal properties gently cleanse without the need to use harsh and harmful chemicals.
What is the danger of commercial anti-bacterial soap and sanitizer? How is your product different from theirs in this regard?

Anti-bacterial agents like Tricolsan kill bacteria and supposedly clean that which they are used on. When you use chemical to kill bacteria you effectively KILL all the bacteria including the good ones which are vital for maintaining natural microbial balance, thus not only leaving the area defenseless against infiltration of bad bacteria but also leaving behind harmful chemical residues which are then released into the environment to cause further damage. By using these probiotic cleansers we actually increase our natural defense against bad bacteria in the area where we use them and when we are done we pass this benefit on to the surrounding environment. This is how we are different from the commercial brands.

Is this a 100% Thai made products, how did it come about?

Yes, this is a 100% Thai product, made by villagers in the northern part of Thailand. A Thai microbiologist, who has done extensive studies under Dr. Teruo Higa, developed these products out of his own quest to go chemical-free. His curiosity lead him to learn of the ancient Thai herbal wisdom where “in the old days” people used various extracts of roots, leaves and fruits to clean. He then very sophisticatedly combined these two sciences, plant wisdom and modern understanding of how a microbial balance can bring about healing to health and environment.

Are these products safe for the environment?

These products are 100% safe for the environment. All fruits and plants used are edible and there is zero chemicals. In fact, when these go down the drain they actually benefit the environment by helping to restore the natural beneficial microbial balance.

How long is the shelf life?

Shelf life is about 2 years if kept in cool dry place and not directly exposed to sunlight. Beyond the expiry date, it can still be used but the potency or efficiency will reduce.

Is this a special medicated product or it can be used by all? Is it also safe for children? How about infants?

These are not medicated products but they have some real amazing healing benefits that are effective in curing skin problems like eczema or scalp issues like dandruff. Just as your gut depends on a balanced microbial state to function optimally, the balance of bacteria and other microbes on your skin also matters in the same manner. It is therefore, appropriate and safe for all including children. For use with infants, you may want to dilute the product before use.

Excerpt from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s article, click here to read full article

“Many people are now aware of the importance of gut microbiome. Some even take proactive steps to protect it, like minimizing the use of antibiotics and eating fermented foods to support a healthy balance. Less widely known is that such microorganisms don’t only populate your gut; they’re found throughout your body, including on your skin. Just as your gut depends on a balanced microbial state to function optimally, the balance of bacteria and other microbes on your skin also matters in the same manner”.

EM is a common ingredient in all your products, what is EM, I have heard about it but not sure what it means?

EM stands for Effective Microorganism. As the name suggests, it is the living organism or the good bacteria as commonly referred to. EM is more associated with organic farming and less known in commercial personal and home care products.

Who is the pioneer of EM?

Dr. Teruo Higa is known as the father of EM or Effective Micro-organism. Dr. Higa describes that a combination of approximately 80 different micro-organisms are capable of positively influencing and decomposing organic matter such that it reverts into a “life promoting” process. Higa invokes a “dominance principle” to explain the effects of his “Effective Micro-organisms”. He claims that three groups of Micro-organisms exist: “positive micro-organisms” (regeneration), “negative micro-organisms” (decomposition, degeneration) and “opportunist micro-organisms”. In every medium (soil, water, air, the human intestine), the ratio of “positive” and “negative” Micro-organisms is critical, since the opportunist micro-organisms follow the trend to regeneration or degeneration. Therefore, Higa believes that it is possible to positively influence the given media by supplementing with “positive” micro-organisms. This is the basis of our cleaning products.

How does EM work?

Inforgraphic of Effective Microorganism

This infographic shows clearly how adding a small amount of Effective Microorganisms (EM) can help convert neutral microorganisms to BENEFICIAL microorganisms. By adding natural probiotics or good bacteria (Lactobacillus casei, Rhodopseudomonas palustris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae), you are able to get rid of pathogenic bacteria without the use of any harsh chemicals. This is the basis of Conscious Living entire range of cleaning products.

The ingredients of the two product range (personal and home) are very similar, why is that so? Can I use dish soap for my hair?

Man has complicated this cleaning concept or maybe it’s the marketing of the 20th century. Cleaning home or body essentially follows the same principle – removing dirt. The only difference is the acidity level as measured on PH scale. Home care range is much stronger as it needs to get rid of more stubborn grease and grime as compared to our hair or body. So if you happen to use dish soap for your hair, there is no real danger besides the fact that it will strip your hair of natural oil than say a shampoo which is formulated to be gentle and nourishing for hair and scalp.

I don’t like the smell of the product, is there any way I can customize this to my liking?

The “slightly sour” smell is from EM and fermentation process. This smell doesn’t remain on the surface once rinsed off but if you still can’t take the smell while using it then adding few drops of 100% pure essential oils like lavender, rosemary or tea tree can help negate the EM smell to an extent.

Are the living organisms still potent after packaging?

Yes, the living organisms are still alive when packaged. We deliberately packaged our products into non-transparent bottles (to protect against heat & sunlight). At this point the living organism remain dormant and are only activated once it comes into contact with the medium (body or environment).

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner and love it. I have sensitive skin/scalp and my curly hair loves it! Great products!The body wash is also great. Some dry spots have disappeared and it smells great! The dish liquid is concentrated, smells great and works very well. Super pleased with the products!

Maureen Codispodi

I am a person with a sensitive scalp. I tried so many brands of shampoo and found them to be ineffective. However, I tried using the Conscious Living brand and my life has not been the same since! I am very impressed and thank you for making such great products!

Nicha Nutchayangkul

I have to say,  I absolutely love your shampoo. I swapped over to natural shampoos several years ago in Australia and I have tried a lot with varying degrees of success!
Yours is definitely my favorite so far.  Some of the others made my hair all dull but with your shampoo, it is all shiny and lovely!  I also love that it is supporting the local economy.
Daina Shaw

In my home country there are MANY options for healthy shampoo. When I moved to Thailand almost 3 years ago, I brought a supply of my favorite shampoo because I didn’t know if I would find anything suitable in Bangkok. Last year, I found Conscious Living shampoo and was instantly impressed. It is by far the cleanest, healthiest, and most effective shampoo I have EVER used. It is remarkably better than anything I have ever used and it has the cleanest, most natural, ingredients than anything I have seen anywhere in the world. If I ever move from Thailand, I will need to buy a case of shampoo to take with me wherever I go. Thank you for creating and sharing a eco-friendly and body-friendly shampoo!

Onyxe Antara

Holistic Practitioner

Thank you for the good products. I have quite sensitive skin and I find these products are quite delicate. I like the smell actually. It’s very light and fragrant, which gives off a natural feel to it.

Harvest W.

Managing Director, EA Enterprises

My shift to natural hair care routine started with Conscious Living 100% chemical-free Shampoo and Conditioner. I was under the impression that Natural products are a quick fix for all my bad hair day problems..but after 1st wash I was….well I have no words to describe how I felt. My hair was brittle, tangled up and crispy. However, the Conditioner made it a little easier… it detangled my hair. I almost gave up and wanted to go back to using my fancy shampoos but the thought of all those chemicals made me reconsider. I continued using this chemical-free shampoo and I am glad I did,  because now 2 months later, my hair is at its best condition ever. An old friend of mine just complimented me on the shine of my hair! If you are looking to switch to natural hair care routine, be persistent and do some research on what to expect because the reason my hair became crispy was due to all the chemicals I had used and I was not prepared for the detox phase. Take it from me…you won’t be disappointed with the end results! And it works great with Henna ?

Lita Sekarnpicha

Purchase Manager, Benchasiri Park Property Co, ltd

“Conscious Living” products are a ‘Breath Of Fresh Air’ & True to the word Eco-Friendly as well as truly Organic – in this world of copius & myriad variety of so claimed organic products out there in the market … by far CONSCIOUS LIVING lives by its true ORGANIC formula.

My skin feels healthy, my hair is nourished well. With age a lot of hair had started falling & I have noticed it no longer falls in clumps (I wash my hair daily with the Conscious Living Shampoo & then smoothen out the scalp n roots with the conditioner – AND my hair has stopped falling by almost 50% compared to before, when I was using the synthetic hair products). I am glad I took the leap of faith to try it out.

My skin, being highly allergic to chemicals & artificial fragrances, my fears have finally been put to rest, the body wash too has removed the dryness…all the pure organic smells in the 3 products, is what I would rather have on my skin, moving forward. THANK YOU for very caringly introducing me to your: Honest Pure Natural products !

Conscious Living – Your intrinsic effort to keep the prices reasonable & yet your support by giving back to the grassroots level community that grows the raw ingredients, is deeply admirable & commendable ??

Pavan Kukreja

Managing Director, BB Renovations

This is one of the amazing natural product discovery in Thailand which is natural, great for the environment, and most importantly sparkle the dishes and clothes.

Stella Ungphongphan

Consultant , Stella Wellness

I have been a loyal client of Conscious Living since the first time I bought their Body Wash at the Farmer’s Market. I used to have spot and acne on my back and shoulder but amazingly it has all been healed.  Besides, it helps maintain my skin natural PH balance. Unlike other products I have used, with this one I do not need to moisture my skin after bathing. Simply amazing and a must try!

Surayut Muangmungkung

Corporate HR Manager, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company

I have tried all commercial bathroom solutions and none were able to even come close to solving the one issue I faced, bad odour from bathroom drains. I bought my first bottle of All in One Cleaner from Conscious Living at the Bangkok Farmer’s market, not expecting much but since I have tried all brands, I thought one more wouldn’t hurt. From the first use itself (I clean my bathroom with this solution) I was surprised at how effective this product was.The bad odor completely disappeared after few days. Since then, I have been ordering a regular supply, up to a dozen each time so I never go out of the product even for a day!

Piyarat Sangiambut


ชอบแชมพูของ Conscious Living เพราะสระแล้วรู้สึกผมไม่เหนียวและลื่นผมไม่พันกันไม่ต้องนวดก็นุ่มลื่นหวีง่ายส่วนครีมนวดก็ทำให้ผมนุ่มขึ้นดูมีน้ำหนัก ไม่แห้งหยาบกระด้างจัดทรงง่ายขึ้น

Miss Sitanan pholkhunthot

Area Manager FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited

I’m really happy to have found Conscious Living products. I especially love their shampoo and conditioner which have done wonders for my scalp and hair health in a very short length of time. Also fully rate their 150% customer service. Give them a try, you won’t regret it!

Clare Wilson

I LOVE my Conscious Living Thailand body wash made from fermented pineapples! There is nothing better than using a product made with integrity that also supports the local community. I plan to weed out all my commercial crap and use only these organic goodies!

Melanie Giles-Clapp

Reiki Practitioner & Radiant Child & Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Lotus Rei

I always had issues with dry scalp and dandruff. I tried many products before switching to 100% chemical free Conscious Living Probiotic Shampoo. I was surprised how my dandruff sort of disappeared from the first use itself. Now I use it on a regular basis together with Conscious Living Probiotic Conditioner that ensures my scalp remains nourished.

Suchanan T.

Student, Prem Tinasulanonda International School, Chiangmai

แชมพูและคอนดิชั่นเนอร์ของ Conscious Living เป็นความประทับใจที่แปลกใหม่ของแชมพูและคอนดิชั่นเนอร์ นับตั้งแต่เคยใช้ผลิตภัณฑ์บำรุงผมหลายยี่ห้อชั้นนำทั้งแบรนด์ในประเทศและต่างประเทศ Conscious Living เป็นผลิตภัณฑ์ท่ีปลอดสารเคมีอย่างแท้จริงฟองของแชมพูที่เกิดจากสมุนไพรธรรมชาติ นุ่มละมุน ล้างออกง่าย ทำให้หนังศรีษะชุ่มชื้น สะอาด ไม่มีกลิ่น เส้นผมนุ่มลื่น มีประกายเงางาม มีน้ำหนัก อยู่ทรง ไม่แห้งฟู รู้สึกได้ถึงเส้นผมสุขภาพดี ไม่ต้องผ่านขั้นตอนบำรุงเส้นผมเพิ่มเติม เช่นที่เคยทำ จากการอบไอน้ำ อีกต่อไปประทับใจ Conscious Living มากค่ะ อยากให้ทุกคนได้ลองใช้

Thidarat Lawattanatrakul

Owner , Martist Art Club