100% Probiotic Plant-Based Cleaners

From Local Communities in Northern Thailand,

Bottled Up For You With No Added Chemicals 

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Revolutionizing How We Care for Our Body, Home, and Environment
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No synthetic ingredients are added to our products, which safeguards the health of both producers and consumers.

We rely only on plants and fruits, which don’t harm the environment and marine life. They quickly decompose and degrade back into the ecosystem.

When our products go down the drain, the presence of beneficial microbes in them helps restore the natural microbial balance in the environment. 

We don’t test on animals and our brand is cruelty-free. Instead, we don’t use any chemcials and ensure the PH of our products is well maintained so it’s safe for use.

We are a vegan brand as only plants and fruits are used in our entire range of products. No animal or dairy ingredients are used.

Research confirms the harm of chemicals
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Commercial Personal and Homecare range are full of hazardous chemicals. These chemicals residues enter your body through Absorption (pores of your skin), Inhalation (breathing)  & Ingestion (from food).

Various studies reveal that the accumulation of such toxins, some of which are confirmed to be a human carcinogen, manifest into a myriad of health issues and environmental pollution.

Avoid cumulative damage caused by these environmental chemicals. Protect your family and loved ones by opting ONLY  for natural alternatives. Read the labels and say NO to CHEMICALS! Shop Now

The Story of Cosmetics, released on July 21, 2010, examines the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care products, from lipstick to baby shampoo. The seven-minute film reveals the implications for consumer and worker health and the environment and outlines ways we can move the industry away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer alternatives.

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Happily settled with Conscious Living!

I use almost all of Conscious Living’s products now – I started with the dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, and all-in-one and now I also use the body wash and shampoo as well. The dishwashing liquid works quite well in removing oil from dishes and I also notice that it takes garlic smell off my hands. With the laundry detergent, we don’t need to use our (natural) softener anymore. The shampoo also doesn’t make my hair feel squeaky-clean (unlike other ‘natural’ shampoos) but rather smooth, silky-like and easy to brush. I have been using and trying out natural products for about 7 years now and right now I’m happily settled with Conscious Living.

Sandra Yu

as reviewed on Facebook

Natural Wonder Products!

I tried many different natural shampoos, but never have I seen one with such few and completely natural ingredients. It’s composed of only fruits and plants with their wonderful microorganism, no weird names, and chemicals that I have to search for on the web to understand what it is about. As I can’t stand perfumes or chemical smells I love the natural scent of this shampoo, you can actually smell the fruits they put in it, like the elephant apple, which brings me right back to Sri Lanka, where I used to eat lots of them
I try to take great care of my hair, as I love to have it long, healthy, shiny and voluminous, so I wash it only every 3-5 days. I love the conscious living shampoo because it feels very gentle to both, hair and scalp, thanks to the soap nuts it lathers naturally and well. Together with the conditioner, I get perfectly smooth and disentangled hair. When it’s dry my hair feels and looks great: it’s soft, clean, voluminous and feels very light, looks healthy and shiny, and keeps its natural waves which I love. Thank you conscious living for this natural wonder product!

Stella Koch, Switzerland

as reviewed on Facebook

Healthy Hair and Scalp!

I’ve had a dry scalp for many years and when I tried this product I had no expectations but I can honestly say it works so well on my hair and scalp. Even though I live on the east coast now I travel to Beauty World just to get this from you! Its worth the journey to have healthy hair and scalp!

Maria C.

as reviewed on Instagram of Eco. Le, Singapore

Best product for eczema sufferers!

Conscious living is one of the best product ever for me, eczema sufferers. I’ve tried many soaps and shampoos but they don’t help me on itchiness and dries me out. Also, the laundry soap does a really good job of cleaning and freshness.

Ping Worasucheep

as reviewed on Facebook

Most effective shampoo I have EVER used!

In my home country, there are MANY options for healthy shampoo. When I moved to Thailand almost 3 years ago, I brought a supply of my favorite shampoo because I didn’t know if I would find anything suitable in Bangkok. Last year, I found Conscious Living shampoo and was instantly impressed. It is by far the cleanest, healthiest, and most effective shampoo I have EVER used. It is remarkably better than anything I have ever used and it has the cleanest, most natural, ingredients than anything I have seen anywhere in the world. If I ever move from Thailand, I will need to buy a case of shampoo to take with me wherever I go. Thank you for creating and sharing an eco-friendly and body-friendly shampoo!

Onyx Anantra

Holistic Practitioner, USA

My favorite so far!

I have to say,  I absolutely love your shampoo. I swapped over to natural shampoos several years ago in Australia and I have tried a lot with varying degrees of success! Yours is definitely my favorite so far.  Some of the others made my hair all dull but with your shampoo, it is all shiny and lovely!  I also love that it is supporting the local economy.

Daina Shaw

New Zealand


แชมพูกับครีมนวดใช้ดีมากคะ ก่อนหน้านี้หนังศรีษะมันและคันเป็นต่อเนื่องมาเป็นปี ก็ใช้แชมพูยาไนโซรัลใช้แรกๆก็หาย เป็นๆหายๆ พักหลังใช้แล้วไม่หายน่าจะดื้อยา มีคนแนะนำให้ใช้แชมพูธรรมชาติ ตอนนี้ใช้มา2ขวดแล้วคะ ไม่มีอาการคันและผมมันน้อยลงอย่างเหนได้ชัด ใช้ดีบอกต่อคะ

Sunipa Hancherngchai

as reviewed on Facebook

The products work like magic!

I lived for years with scaly, flaky patches on my scalp. It looked like dandruff but no anti-dandruff shampoo showed any result until I was recommended to try Conscious Living. The product worked like magic, within few uses only I saw a difference. My scalp is now totally healed!

Arthit Chawla

Absolute best for my curly wavy hair!

I have been using Shampoo and Conditioner for my curly wavy hair for half a month now and it has to be the absolute best as far as function and ingredients go (trust me I have tried a handful). And the sourcing of these ingredients is another huge plus to the package.

Natasha M.

As reviewed on Instagram

Very different from commercial brands!

I loved your products. My hair feels so light and soft now. The shampoo and conditioner are 100% natural as it has no smell and the texture of the conditioner is also very different from the chemical brands available in the market. I will order again soon ??

Shipra Abrol

as reviewed on Instagram

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Sustainable Community is at the core of our effort in developing our products that’s wholly made by farmers and villagers in the northern region of Thailand. We empower them to embrace natural farming and fermenting techniques that are not detrimental to their health or the ecosystem.

By collaborating with us the local communities are able to add value to the raw produce and receive fair prices for their labor. 

With the increasing popularity and growth of Conscious Living brand in the global market, our need to standardize production to meet international standards does not come at the expense of the freedom and flexibility the farmers and villagers have.

We guided and contributed towards building a space that fulfills all standards and strict guidelines in compliance with Thai Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA) whilst sticking to our ethos of PEOPLE and PLANET before PROFITS!

Be a part of our endeavor and help us increase their livelihood while at the same time contribute to preserving our fragile ecosystem.